Designed By Surfers For Surfers 

Surfatom is an idea which was born from the work of two people with very different profiles but sharing a great passion: surfing. 

Ramón Baux, born in Madrid, 47 years old, 4 kids and still kicking. With more than 20 years’ experience in Corporate Finance has been surfing the South of France and the Basque Country since the 90’s and it’s the original  creator of the idea and the first proto-board that he used for his swimming pool training sessions.

In one of his training sessions, he met Eric Barclay, born in Peru 40 years ago, father of 3 kids and with a long-lasting professional career in the Industrial Design field, where he has designed from airplanes to lollipops and used to be a shaper during his good old days back in Peru. Being a big wave surfer, he spotted right away the benefits and potential of Ramon’s idea.

They started working together on the most perfect and functional design. After testing more than 10 different prototypes and studied the different material possibilities, they reached the desired outcome and the Surfatom board was born.

The perfect complement for your surf training routines, will get you ready for your next surfing session and increase your wave count to the max.