It is the standard training and the best to start with. Without using the leash - swimming cord, will allow you to paddle as much as you can and build up your resiliency and endurance.

As an average measure, you will be able to paddle 1km in 20mins in an standard lap pool. Although you set your pace, we recommend you mixing faster lap pool series with recovery ones to get the most out of your training session.

The Free Flow training will allow you to keep you paddle shape if executed 1 or 2 times per week. As your Surf Trip or next visit to your local spot is getting closer, increase the number of training sessions progressively.


The Static Training is the perfect way to get you in shape before your next “Surfari” or big wave hunting.

Tie the leash or swimming cords to the edge of the swimming pool and to your ankles and start paddling until you can go further! Counting the strokes or seconds of each series will help you adjusting the intervals of your training.

To increase the training intensity, paddle until you reach the limit of the leash or swimming cords and try to paddle until you can’t paddle any more.


First thing is to find your balance in the board as if it was a new surfboard and start with the Free Flow until you get a bit used to it. There is no right or wrong place to stand on the board, simply get the right balance and where you feel more comfortable and stable to paddle.

The lower the volume (deflated board) the deeper you will be in the water, you will face more resistance and will exercise more your surfing muscles. On the contrary, the higher the volume (inflated board), less resistance... ¡Your choice!

You may want to check with your local swimming pool if the use of this board will be allowed, remember to tell them it has no edges or solid parts, size is reduced and that there is no risk for other swimmers. (90% of the public swimming pools in which it has been tried have allowed us to use the board, should work as well for you).

The Surfatom board is a training tool to be used by adults only, although it looks cool remember is not a toy for your kids and if they are going to use it, they need to be supervised by an adult. Avoid exposing the Surfatom board to the sunlight for a long time, do not duck dive with it and again, avoid children playing with it.



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