Surfatom Board Training Kit


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Improve your paddling shape with Surfatom.

  • 1x Surfatom board. Size standard 74x46x10cm & 20 litres volume

  • 1x Light travel-nilon bag. 

  • 1x Leash-swimming cords.

  • 1x Grid cover. 

Discover the revolution in your surfing experience with Surfatom: the ultimate choice for surfers looking to optimize every wave. Our innovative package includes:
  • Surfatom Board: A marvel of design and functionality, with perfect dimensions of 74x46x10 cm and an ideal volume of 20 liters. This board is not only a pleasure to the eye, but its compact and manageable size is designed to adapt to you, the passionate surfer seeking the best.
  • Lightweight Nylon Travel Bag: We know your passion for surfing takes you to different destinations. That's why we offer an ultra-lightweight travel bag that promises maximum comfort in transportation and storage, allowing you to take your Surfatom to any wave you wish to conquer.
  • Swimming Leash Cord: Add an extra layer of safety and functionality to your surf with our swimming leash cord. Designed to keep your board close and ensure your peace of mind in the water, this accessory is a must-have for every surfer.
  • Grid Cover: Protect your investment with our grid cover, designed to keep your Surfatom board in optimal condition. Whether for protection during transport or maintenance after an intense session, this cover is the perfect complement to your surf gear.
Surfatom is designed for those who settle for nothing less, offering a complete kit that elevates your paddling experience and allows you to surf longer and stronger. Whether you're an experienced surfer looking to improve your endurance and strength or an enthusiast seeking the best in equipment, Surfatom is your ideal companion on every wave. Get ready to transform your surfing with Surfatom!